Counter-Commencement Ceremony at Whitney Biennial

Image By: Hyperallergic
Counter-Commencement Ceremony at the Whitney Biennial
Create a “counter-commencement” ceremony performance piece for the Whitney Biennial that involved bodypainting & gluing my remaining student debt to my friends’ nude bodies.
I’d say this was largely a success.  It was like the most accurate graduation ceremony I could have ever had and it was very strange to put on a cap and gown 15 years after graduating from college.
Being a part of the Whitney Biennial and Occupy Museum’s Debt Fair are huge honors and I’m really proud to be apart of the conversation that removes shame from issues involving debt.  Big thanks to Zachary, Tiffany, Emily, Sarah and Kirsten for getting naked for me in a museum!  I’m definitely hanging out with the right people…
Check out the performance video before it’s released (finishing the editing):
password: protest

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