bodypainting Case-studies August 26, 2016

“I got body painted in Central Park “

Catherine commissioned me to paint her in the beautiful fall foliage of New York’s Central Park.  It was a special present for her husband but she really scored the gift of courage. Here’s an interview with her about that unique, bucket-list experience. ****** Q: Did you know about body painting before your were painted?  What kind of

bodypainting August 25, 2016

Commercial Portfolio

Thank you for viewing my commercial bodypaint portfolio.  We love to share what we do and would like to talk about making a custom project with you. Please note that the slideshow can take a couple of minutes to load, depending on your browser.  Please go make yourself a cup of coffee and come back to enjoy

bodypainting Events August 24, 2016

VIP Pass: TANZ Summer Festival in Cleveland, OH

Get two free passes to the TANZ Summer Festival!  Contact us HERE to get yours!  I will be doing a live arts activation. This special offer is for our VIP newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? What are you waiting for!?! You’ll be the first to know when we offer a new limited edition print

bodypainting Press August 23, 2016

1st Place: “Best Commercial Bodypaint Image of the Year”

Big thanks to World Bodypainting Festival, Diamond FX & the lovely judges for this award! 💕 Also lots of love to Ford Motor Company, my talented assistants Gina Fernandez David Gilmore Claire Piao & Tamiko Carrillo and my beautiful celeb model Felicia Day. “WBA Image awards: Commercial”…/26-winners-wba-image-awards…

bodypainting August 3, 2016

I <3 NY Adventure During a Flash Flood

Infamous Demi Moore Cover Painted by Joanne Gair Joanne Gair’s Latest SI Celebrity Swimsuit Sensations Bodypainted clothing is one of the most common Op Art bodypaint styles, thanks in large part to the commercial popularity of 90’s pioneers like Joanne Gair with her Demi Moore Vanity Fair Cover and Sports Illustrated painted on swimsuits. David LaChapelle does

bodypainting Events June 20, 2016

Congrats Cleveland Cavaliers

Congrats Cleveland Cavaliers! =) This was a live painting done for their opening game two years ago. I painted model Jessica Mellow into LeBron James’ face.  This was a window display to celebrate his return to Cleveland.

bodypainting Press June 14, 2016

NYC Loft Body Painting for RTL Television (Germany)

RTL Television (Germany) had me camouflage bodypaint their sweet host Sandra into her Upper West Side New York loft.  Talk about some fun and innovative interior design! 😉  I usually focus on more complex architectural shapes and it was nice to explore NYC brick and tile in a more domestic setting.  The experience felt more

bodypainting Events June 13, 2016

Million Dollar Listing NY Launch Party at Webster Hall

Ryan Serhant’s Nestseekers hired us to paint some models for Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing NY season launch party at Webster Hall. This was a VIP event only. We painted two models in a New York real estate theme and two other models with their logos. I partnered with Dani Fonseca’s team and Temptu Pro to

bodypainting Events June 12, 2016

Window Display for Beverly Hills Designer Lauren Moshi

I collaborated with Beverly Hills celebrity fashion designer Lauren Moshi for her new spring line launch. I camouflaged a model into her iconic design and also painted another model with some of the icons and inspiration from Moshi’s design. They both posed in the window for the day. Lauren and I signed 50 posters from

bodypainting Events June 11, 2016

Pop Art Themed Birthday Party in Manhattan

The talented Margie Nugent and I partnered with Tryon Entertainment for a pop art themed birthday party at the St. Regis Hotel. The event planning company created two boxes with themes inspired by NYC artists Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. We bodypainted the models to match and they performed for about 30 minutes inside the box, handing out flowers