bodypainting Events June 9, 2016

“Lion King” Themed Wedding in BEIRUT

I partnered with FK13, a Canadian event planning company, and fellow World Champion Bodypainter Lorie Hammel to bodypaint and add SFX character prosthetics on 10 dancers and singers for a Lion King themed wedding in Beirut. The bride is active with African charities and really wanted to highlight that theme in the decor and body art

bodypainting December 18, 2015

Awesome Videos of Us Creating Art

Here’s a quick guide to some of the fun Video Links of our process: Commercial Art: Nerf Super Soaker Camo Battles Commercial: Over 1 million views and going strong! Check out how we made motorcycles out of 7 people and paint for Progressive International Motorcycle Show’s national ad campaign! Blending in Jason Mraz and a

Case-studies November 18, 2015

San Jose Museum of Art: Fundraiser Arts Activation

Case Study: San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) Lisa R. James. -Director of Development at SJMoA Anniversary Gala Fundraiser Dinner. The San Jose Museum of Art raises funds for education. They used to do them every year and then stopped, starting up again 5 years ago It is a very important source of funds for

Case-studies November 18, 2015

ESMoA: Living Art Installation

Click here for the ALBUM OF IMAGES ESMoA An “Art Laboratory” that holds four experiences each year of different mediums. The experiences are centered around a theme or question that allows visitors to make their own interpretations. Chelsea Hogan, Education specialist Demographic: general public Trina did an experience for us. We call our exhibitions experiences.

bodypainting October 17, 2015

Sweet Land of Liberty: Independence Hall

    We’ve been having a lot of fun working on my newest “Sweet Land of Liberty” series in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York! =)   Hope you enjoy this latest piece from the Independence Hall.  Here’s a fun in-process shot.

Case-studies July 28, 2015

Case Study: Event at the California Academy of Sciences

Client: BethSandifur Events in collaboration with the Gladstone Institute and the California Academy of Sciences.  She does live events from Napa to San Jose, Idaho to Seattle and Los Angeles, all over the west coast.  These are non profits and fundraising events so her target demographic are high network people on board on a non

Case-studies July 27, 2015

Case Study: James Williamson (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)

Client:   James Williamson is an American guitarist, songwriter and record producer best known for being in Iggy Pop and The Stooges.  His music spans generations and he is influential to people and musicians of all ages. The Story: The first time I ever saw Trina’s work was when the promoter for one of our

Commisions July 25, 2015

“I Survived Cancer and It Still Sucks”

As some of you may know, I have watched my sister struggle with melanoma the last few years.  After removing half the lymph nodes in her body and undergoing a clinical trial, she is thankfully in remission.  I have watched her remarry, have a baby and smile again. This scare along with a major death in our

Case-studies July 2, 2015

Case Study: Music Video

Client:  Janna Pelle – Music video, “City Life”. Alternative Pop Musician. Demographic:  Indie Music Scene: CMJ, SXSW, Younger Brooklyn audience, 15-35 years mainly. STORY I actually saw Trina’s work on some New York Blog that I follow featuring Brooklyn Bridge camouflage painting and the one in DUMBO. I had already written my song, “CITY LIFE” and I

Case-studies Commisions July 2, 2015

Case Study: NERF SuperSoaker Commercial

Introduction: We teamed up with Nerf to create a national commercial.  The spot featured kids camouflaged in different parts of a park who have a water battle with friends and spray off all the paint with the strong super soakers. In this project we broke many of our “rules”- we painted children under the age

bodypainting Case-studies June 24, 2015

Case Study: Tech Company Brings Branding to Life

    TRILOGY VISUAL MEDIA for PANASAS STORAGE: Artist Trina Merry Creates Innovative Human Body Sculpture for Trilogy/Panasas Film Shown at National Association of Broadcasters Convention Summary. Trilogy/Panasas wanted to create something highly impactful and provocative to show major entertainment executives so they would understand the firm understood their industry. Trina Merry created a moving