bodypainting Case-studies June 22, 2015

Case Study: Human Sculpture for a TV Show with 20 Million Viewers

Case Study:  Human Motorcycle for Nippon TV   Client: Nippon TV is a Japanese station & “Itte Q” is a family show with approximately 20 million viewers. Project Scope: Trina Merry and her body paint team were hired to create a Human Motorcycle for a lifestyle program & painted a well-known Japanese celebrity, adding her

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Cover for the new Stooges single “Open Up and Bleed/Gimme Some Skin”

Our Human Skull is the new single sleeve cover art for James Williamson’s project to exhume early Stooges songs and give them new life.  Fans will get a taste of the upcoming album next month when Williamson releases a limited-edition vinyl single,“Open Up And Bleed”/“Gimme Some Skin,” at independent record stores worldwide on Record Store

Yelp fairies in body paint
Events September 22, 2013

Yelp’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Benefit for Montalvo Arts Center

Our frisky fairies frolicked at Midsummer Night’s Dream, a benefit event for Montalvo Arts Center, produced by YELP. The benefit raised $10k for the Center. Bodypaint: Trina Merry Assistants: Melissa Hoffman and Gina Mello Photography: Waitman Gobble Models: Mary and Samantha From YELP- Sweet dreams are made of Yelp parties and a Midsummer Night’s Yelp

Events September 22, 2013    

Devil’s Heaven – The Watermill Center’s Summer Benefit

Photography by Lovis Dengler Performance art has always sought to unite extremes. In 1921, when Marcel Duchamp cross-dressed as the female vixen Rose Sélavy and became his own work of art, he created what is arguably the first piece of performance art. Ever since, in one form or another, performance art has played with boundaries:

Kiwitime Band Sponsored by Baynetwork
Commisions September 22, 2013    ,,

Kiwi Time Gets Bodypainted for Tour Van Sponsored by Bay Network

What does San Francisco Indie Rock band Kiwi Time and Silicon Valley hi-tech company Baynetwork have in common? Besides sharing Russian roots, they have formed a unique sponsorship relationship so many artists only dream about. In the United States, arts organizations largely rely on tax deductible donations from corporations. Unfortunately, much of these funds get

Events Press July 10, 2013    

“Artwork Comes to Life” – CNN report video

Hey all check out this awesome CNN report video on last weekends Living Art America (I had a print of “Magnolias” on exhibit).  it says some beautiful things about our art form and is worth sharing with your friends!  I think my favorite part of watching this video, one of my accomplishments of the year is that I have

Bodypainter Trina Merry
Press June 11, 2013

METROACTIVE – Bodypainter Trina Merry

When a rock band asked her to jump onstage in her underwear and get bodypainted, Trina Merry had no idea it would lead to an international career. That was in 2006.