Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing NY features our Real Estate Marketing Campaign

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It often takes a smart partnership to really launch an innovative marketing campaign to the top. You have to think outside of the box and take the leap. That is exactly what Ryan Serhant, the #1 real estate broker in New York, did when he hired us to create a bodypaint marketing campaign for these new condos in East Village New York.

Partnering with design firm If Studios and Serhant’s Nestseekers International, we created an “edgy” bodypaint marketing campaign targeting the East Village demographic. ¬†Using bodypaint and single point perspective photography, I camouflaged 6 models around the neighborhood, did one camouflage painting in front of a mockup of the building (above), and made 5 body paint typography images in CMYK colors that said “100 Avenue A”. The latter was transformed into banners that announced the building as it was being constructed and generated so much neighborhood buzz that they had appointments for nearly every condo before the building was even finished.

All the images were used together in a large brochure and a pop up body art gallery/showroom for the condos was set up across the street. About half the condos sold as soon as they opened.

Additionally, the images were released on social media and to the press which had mixed responses (as can happen when you are reaching out farther than your intended demographic), but it generated a strong buzz. Ryan pushed it everywhere- to the Jumbotrons in Times Square, Curbed Magazine, Wall Street Journal and more. His team is doing a great job.

Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York”, currently receiving its highest viewers (around 1.9 million), is featuring the project. I’ve posted a short clip on my Facebook Fan Page if you want to view that or you can catch up on the last two episodes and follow the story on BRAVO.

By the way, right after this clip aired, the broker sold the top penthouse for $1.635 M. Serhant’s innovative campaign has been highly successful and achieved strong results. Taking an innovative risk that appealed to this demographic has definitely paid off for my client.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that this project gives you ideas of ways you can maximize a bodypaint campaign to achieve results for your company.



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