Case Study: Event at the California Academy of Sciences



BethSandifur Events in collaboration with the Gladstone Institute and the California Academy of Sciences.  She does live events from Napa to San Jose, Idaho to Seattle and Los Angeles, all over the west coast.  These are non profits and fundraising events so her target demographic are high network people on board on a non profit or chairing a non profit event.


The event was for the Academy of Sciences. A party that had the theme of Body Art. There were blown up photographs of the body on the walls as static art and the client wanted to have models walking around painted to look like the muscles underneath and things like that. Sort of an ambient entertainment for the party, a unique entertainment value that added to the cocktail party.  It was in a warehouse and there were DJs, speakers, static art and two models that people could interact with.


Everyone really loved it. Ever 3 steps the models took they were getting their picture taken with someone else. They were very popular. It was a sold out event and they even had to turn people away at the doors because they couldn’t fir anymore in the venue. The models were a great addition.


I don’t think I had any worries about hiring you guys. Trina’s work is great. We had a really great conversation in advance and she was very acoomidating and worked with the budget that the client had given to make this happen and thought it was great.

Favorite moments:

I thought it was really cool to see the models walking around and interacting with the guests. people were really buying into the experience and didn’t think it was weird. It was neat that they immediately wanted to get their photo taken with the models. It was exactly what we were hoping for..


I think Trina is super easy to work with. She’s awesome and her work is stunning.

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