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Case Study: Human Sculpture for a TV Show with 20 Million Viewers

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Case Study:  Human Motorcycle for Nippon TV



Nippon TV is a Japanese station & “Itte Q” is a family show with approximately 20 million viewers.

Project Scope:

Trina Merry and her body paint team were hired to create a Human Motorcycle for a lifestyle program & painted a well-known Japanese celebrity, adding her into the human sculpture.  The host of the show, a reporter, came to New York to experience everything about New York City. She did a bodypainting with Trina and was a model. For the actual show, there she quizzed the audience after everyone was painted to have them guess what object they were.  Watch the Segment

Client Fears:

Trina was bicoastal at the time (New York and San Francisco bodypainter), so she was worried about timing. We couldn’t believe it could be finished in one day and Trina wondered could the host, who was not an experienced bodypaint model, physically tolerate the demanding pose. Also, we were initially concerned about the cost and wondered if we could really pull it off with the budget.


The people liked it very much. There was a good reaction on twitter and other social media and the ratings were very good.  Everything came out the way they wanted. We finished on time. I think it was a little bit over time, but we budgeted for that. We talked about it in detail, like how many assistants she’d need and everything else. And Trina was very clear about what the project entailed and what we had to provide and expect. She had created these human motorcycles before and warned us about anything that could happen or any possible disaster situation, so we were well prepared and it went really well for everyone.

Favorite Part of the Project:

Besides the fact that we got very good reaction from the views, just to be able to see the talented artists doing their work was my favorite part of the project. I think the reporter felt that she was a team member, part of the sisterhood. Even though she didn’t speak the language, she was tearing up after everyone told her that she did a good job.


If you have the budget, definitely!

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