Case Study: James Williamson (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)



James Williamson is an American guitarist, songwriter and record producer best known for being in Iggy Pop and The Stooges.  His music spans generations and he is influential to people and musicians of all ages.

The Story:

The first time I ever saw Trina’s work was when the promoter for one of our Iggy and the Stooges shows brought up a bunch of painted models at the end of the show to dance on stage, unknown to us.

She did some artwork that I used for a single and some face make up that I ended up using for an album cover. We did a video the same day we did the photo session with the face make up; just a little promo video. A lot of people liked the album artwork and it was seen by countless people, I have no idea what the numbers are, but the video got about 10,000 views. Not huge numbers, but a lot of people liked it.

The piece on the single cover was actually something different than what we did for the album cover which was my face painted by her. The other thing was something from her catalogue and I just used it. It was the Salvador Dali thing with the models’ bodies making a skull.


I didn’t have any fears. It’s kind of hard to describe, but my guitar, the one from the 60’s hat I’ve made so many records with was a decal of a leopard lady and a leopard. So the first time around we were attempting to recreate that we her models. So they were completely body painted. The guy as the leopard and the female model as the leopard lady. And she did a fabulous job with them. So I had no hesitation after seeing what she could do with those shots. We didn’t end up using both of them together like I thought we would, but we ended up using the female model on the inside cover of the fold out album.

For me, it was a day of the dead kind of skull painted on my face.

The album was not a Stooges album, but his own featuring singers like Allison Mosshard from the Kills, Jello Biatra from the Dead Kennedys and Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream.


I enjoyed the whole process. She’s fantastic and the people she works with are very, very high quality models and they’re just fun to work with so we had a good couple of days together. I love the stuff she does. I’ve seen a lot of it, her most recent series (the camos) are pretty fabulous. She’s so nice and you can tell everyone likes working with her. She seems to get along really well with the models.


Work with her! What’s not to like? I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! If you’re looking for body art, she’s the one!

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