Case Study: Lauren Moshi

Lauren Moshi Interview with Michael Moshi:

Brother and sister team, Michael and Lauren Moshi, created Lauren Moshi Inc. They are inspired by high fashion and fine art. Each piece is unique, produced in limited quantities, and hand drawn by Lauren. Their clothing is targeted towards customers who appreciate finer details and intricate designs.

This piece was commissioned as a promotional image celebrating collaboration between two amazing artists. We wanted to acquire a beautiful piece to blow up and hang in the Lauren Moshi Store, as well as to showcase on our social media so our customers could see the process of painting 16 people into Lauren’s image.

This project was all that we hoped for on the day of production. We won’t see the results of this campaign until February and March when the image is pushed through social media, distributed on products, and hung in the store.

We had no fears in hiring Trina, although this was sort of out of left field. We didn’t know what would happen, but we love Trina’s work!

Favorite Moments:
Our favorite part of the experience was the speed and professionalism exhibited by all members of Trina’s team. Once the painting began, I was surprised at how quickly Trina was able to complete this camo. When we ended up needing more people, everyone stepped in to help out and call models to join us!

With Trina’s team, you get what you want. They are very easy to work with, professional, and they were there to get the job done. I would recommend other collaborations between artists for Trina and her team. We don’t work with anyone other than Lauren, so we don’t have a specific recommendation. We would love to work with Trina again for an in-store promotional event with a live high-profile band like The Grateful Dead.

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