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Artist Trina Merry Creates Innovative Human Body Sculpture for Trilogy/Panasas Film Shown at National Association of Broadcasters Convention


Trilogy/Panasas wanted to create something highly impactful and provocative to show major entertainment executives so they would understand the firm understood their industry. Trina Merry created a moving bodypaint human sculpture with models who were painted and posed in an artistic and surprising work. It became the talk of the NAB and literally brought Panasas’ branding to life.

Back_Panasas_Trilogy Visual media_Commercial_National Broadcasters Association_NAB_Bodypaint_Body Art_Tradeshow_Branding_Trina Merry

Back story.

Trilogy is a corporate production company focusing on the high tech industry, specifically high performance computing and data storage. The demographic for this project was the attendees of the NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters. It is perhaps the biggest movie, cinema, media, entertainment industry convention in existence.

Panasas is the premier provider of hybrid scale-out NAS storage for technical computing and enterprise workloads. (

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Trilogy Visual Media Director Stephen Burich says: To be honest, I was really hoping to just stop people in their tracks with something. The event is full of cinematic production and it houses big pictures houses that have explosions and giant screens and scenes.

There is a lot of competition to grab attention and I though instead of trying to compete with what everybody does, I wanted to do something different and more artistic. Something beautiful. Something that we haven’t done before and that I know I haven’t seen done before within the industry that Panasas is in.


Stephen Burich: My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work. That it wouldn’t come together and it wouldn’t look the way we envisioned it.

Kiss_Panasas_Trilogy Visual media_Commercial_National Broadcasters Association_NAB_Bodypaint_Body Art_Tradeshow_Branding_Trina Merry


The CEO of Panasas Storage took Trilogy Visual Media aside and said she loved the video.  “It was exactly what Panasas needed to stretch the brand in a new direction.”  They are planning a rebranding campaign for their company with this commercial as the primary focal point and an accompanying major PR campaign.


Stephen Burich: My favorite part was just interacting with the bodypaint models. You guys were a lot of fun and a joy to be around. There was a lot of energy and it was just very cool. And the overall production of everything, getting it all together, seeing everyone work together especially on that first Saturday was pretty cool to watch.


Stephen Burich:

Trina and her body art crew were amazing.  Trina, crew and models made what could have been a difficult production smooth, painless and fun. Unexpectedly, Trina brought an amazing amount of knowledge on how to optimize social media and PR channels to make the project even more successful.  It was an absolute pleasure.

Backs_Panasas_Trilogy Visual media_Commercial_National Broadcasters Association_NAB_Bodypaint_Body Art_Tradeshow_Branding_Trina Merry

Rina Santoro:

I swear, Trina Merry is like the energizer bunny.  I am still surprised that Trilogy Visual Media was able to snag her from her busy schedule to collaborate on a video wall for Panasas’ exhibit booth for NAB.

On a previous project I contacted a mutual friend of Trina’s and I and asked if he could recommend any body paint artists. Trina Merry was his first and only response.  I did my research and was so captivated by her art, YouTube videos and Facebook fan page that I didn’t need to look any further, I knew we had to bring her on board.  I sent her a message and expected to not hear from her till the next day, but to my surprise and now knowing that she is a hard worker, she responded within minutes.  Once we explained to her what our ideas were for Panasas’ video, she was all in.  There were numerous phone conferences between Trilogy Visual Media and Trina since we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Trina in New York, but despite a three hour difference we always managed to be a step closer towards a unique project. Trilogy Visual Media had never done a video like this, so Trina was very patient, answered all our questions, text messages, sent over models for two test shoots and was always willing to make the best out of any situation.

What I respect about Trina the most is her communication skills.  She was always a text message away, an email away or a phone call away.  I never felt that I was bugging her because she knew the most important part of this project is to please the client.  If there is no sense of communication, especially when you live on both ends of the United States, nothing can be accomplished.  Trina was always there when we needed her.

I enjoyed working with Trina and her team because they made me feel like I was a part of their team as well.  Trina and the models even welcomed me to be part of the painting team!  It was such a neat experience to just be sitting on the floor with paint, a brush, be surrounded by a group of confident women and crack jokes.  Although I only helped paint half of a body,  I wish I could travel with Trina and have many more experiences like that.

Trina always made sure that her models were in good spirits. If her models weren’t healthy, she wouldn’t have a canvas and therefore no project.  That is why Trina always made sure that her models were hydrated and getting enough protein to be stable for a long shoot. She was like the queen bee and made sure everyone got some honey!

Trina is a diligent worker.  Even after the video shoot was done, Trina knew there was still a lot of work to do in order to get the public to know about this project.  Not only is she an amazing artist, but she utilizes her network to spread the word about her work through her media connections.

Trina Merry is an exceptional artist, but she is a joy to work with.  As I was running around making sure everything was going smoothly for the shoot, I can tell that Trina loves what she does by the contagious smile on her face.  I wish her all the best!


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