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bodypainting November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving: Returning to Gratitude

Today we pause to say thank you to you for giving us over 11 amazing years of bodypainting!  Gratitude has been instrumental in my success and ability to continue to dream bigger each year. Gratitude is an immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving  relationships, and even improve our

bodypainting November 20, 2017

Spice up Your Gift Giving with These Unique Bodypaint Ideas

This Black Friday, if you find yourself holiday shopping for someone special but wanting a truly unique gift, we have you covered.  Spice up your Christmas gift giving with these great bodypaint ideas: Get Painted and Give a One-of-a-kind Gift:  Give them something special this year- you as art!  This is a very popular present

bodypainting November 19, 2017

Gift Giving: Sagittarius

Sagittarius: gift giving by zodiac sign This woman is active and athletic, so give her a gym membership or a stack of new fitness videos. She might like to learn a new sport, so you could provide the lessons (karate? horseback riding? spinning?). In fact, any kind of classes would interest the Sagittarius woman, so

bodypainting November 13, 2017

Annual Casting Call

Let’s create the best team for 2018! Know a bodypaint performance artist or model in New York who would be a great fit for our 2018 team?  Please contact us!

bodypainting October 21, 2017

Gift Giving: Scorpio

    What gift do you get a do you get a Scorpio woman? The Scorpio woman likes things that are well-crafted with classic tailoring. Get her a smart, black suit she can wear in a number of ways, or a beautiful silk blouse or outfit in her lucky color: burgundy. Get her an English

bodypainting August 1, 2017

“Infinity Net”: Reflections on Yayoi Kusama’s Autobiography

“Infinity Net”: Reflections on Yayoi Kusama’s Autobiography Its always such a pleasure to connect to an artist’s work in their own words.  Kusama is such an important part of the art history of bodypaint in the USA.  Her staged bodypaint happenings, orgies, and protest performances all sought to quell (phallic) aggression and violence.  An unexpected bonus

bodypainting July 29, 2017

Collaborating with Spencer Tunick

Collaborating with Spencer Tunick One of my fun new friendships is with artist Spencer Tunick.  I had the pleasure to do a collaboration with him at his recent party. I did a camouflage body painting into one of his fantastic prints! Spencer is an artist I’ve looked up to for some time  because of his intoxicating

bodypainting July 22, 2017

New Studio!

New Studio! Exciting news!  We have a NEW STUDIO located at 317 Stagg Street Brooklyn, NY- one block from our previous Brooklyn Studio.  It’s quite the upgrade!  It has a cyc wall, tons of power, high ceilings, new equipment, and it’s drive-in retail level access. This will be a truly pro-level studio. I am still doing smaller

bodypainting July 14, 2017

Klimt and Litchenstein Bodypaintings

New Work represented by Lemon Frame Gallery in Tel Aviv The largest edition sizes of these two works will now be represented exclusively by Lemon Frame Gallery: “150 million (Litchenstein)” 48×48″ Limited edition of 5 “$135 million (Klimt)” 30×30″ Limited edition of 5 The rest of the series will also be available to purchase through Lemon

bodypainting July 10, 2017

SOLD OUT exhibition

“$140,000,000 (Pollock)”, Lust of Currency Series Our LES bodypaint exhibition SOLD OUT!  Thanks to everyone in NYC who came and especially to our collectors. =)  We hope you are enjoying your new works. =)

bodypainting July 7, 2017

Special Behind the Scenes Zine

I have a very special bonus for you this month!  Here is a fun little behind the scenes zine from our camouflage body painting of Basquiat’s “Untitled” in New York City’s Lower East Side.  This is a part of my body art series “Lust of Currency” which examines the 20 most expensive works of art in

bodypainting July 4, 2017

Sweet Land of Liberty

Freedom is something universally sought. Most of us don’t feel we have enough. Consumerism is largely based on the endless cycle of trying to find more time and convenience has become an industry unto itself aimed at streamlining the details of daily life so that we may indulge ourselves in more hours of independence. We