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Commisions November 18, 2017

Merry X Cutting Edge Science

“Edge of Wonder”: the Human Microbiome Do you enjoy learning more about cutting edge science and health?  We used bodypaint to create the visuals for this amazing documentary series- The Edge of Wonder – that will explore emerging frontiers in the science of health and disease. Episode One deals with the vast collection of bacteria

Commisions November 2, 2017

Thanks to our Halloween Clients!

Many thanks to all our great Halloween private clients this year!  One of our highlights was painting clients for Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party! To see more images, CLICK HERE

Commisions July 25, 2015

“I Survived Cancer and It Still Sucks”

As some of you may know, I have watched my sister struggle with melanoma the last few years.  After removing half the lymph nodes in her body and undergoing a clinical trial, she is thankfully in remission.  I have watched her remarry, have a baby and smile again. This scare along with a major death in our

Case-studies Commisions July 2, 2015

Case Study: NERF SuperSoaker Commercial

Introduction: We teamed up with Nerf to create a national commercial.  The spot featured kids camouflaged in different parts of a park who have a water battle with friends and spray off all the paint with the strong super soakers. In this project we broke many of our “rules”- we painted children under the age

Kiwitime Band Sponsored by Baynetwork
Commisions September 22, 2013    ,,

Kiwi Time Gets Bodypainted for Tour Van Sponsored by Bay Network

What does San Francisco Indie Rock band Kiwi Time and Silicon Valley hi-tech company Baynetwork have in common? Besides sharing Russian roots, they have formed a unique sponsorship relationship so many artists only dream about. In the United States, arts organizations largely rely on tax deductible donations from corporations. Unfortunately, much of these funds get