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Events April 16, 2018

Superfine! Art Fair

Superfine! Art Fair April 16, 2018 in Event Get 30% off all tickets with code EXHIBITORFRIEND. Special live bodypaint performance by Trina Merry & cotton-candy-clad champagne May 2nd 9pm-midnight. GET TICKETS

Events November 22, 2017

Art Activation for “Live A Moment” App in San Francisco

We created a special art activation for “Live A Moment” app in San Francisco.  Partnering with graffiti artist Apexer, Trina Merry camouflagued for models into a special mural called “The Wall of Emotions”.  A special panel discussion on peace and mindfulness followed at AirBnB. To see more pictures from our live painting, CLICK HERE. About the

Events November 21, 2017

Bloomingdale’s Window Activation for Alice + Olivia

Trina did a special live bodypainting in the window of New York’s Bloomingdale’s for Alice + Olivia following New York fashion week.  There was a special takeover of the atrium (video & installation), an in-store appearance by CEO Stacey Bendet &, of course, adorable cookie dough for all. To see more images, CLICK HERE View Alice

Events November 19, 2017

Exhibition at Red Dot Miami with Lemon Frame Gallery and Special Live Performance

Feature Live Performance & Exhibition Will you be attending Art Basel?  Trina will be doing a very special live painting at Red Dot Miami’s “After Dark” Friday December 8th from 6-10pm at the Lemon Frame Gallery booth.  The Litchenstein and Klimts works from the “Lust of Currency” series will be on exhibition at Lemon Frame Gallery’s booth (a Red Dot Miami spotlight gallery)

Events July 30, 2017

Counter-Commencement Ceremony at Whitney Biennial

Image By: Hyperallergic Counter-Commencement Ceremony at the Whitney Biennial EXPERIMENT: Create a “counter-commencement” ceremony performance piece for the Whitney Biennial that involved bodypainting & gluing my remaining student debt to my friends’ nude bodies. SUCCESS OR FAIL? I’d say this was largely a success.  It was like the most accurate graduation ceremony I could have

Events July 24, 2017

Performing at MGM Grand

Michael Cerbellis 2017 Hot List Performing at MGM Grand I flew Dove Meir (LA), Kerstin Tuning (SF) and I over to Las Vegas to do a live camouflage bodypainting from the MGM Grand.  We performed in front of 2000 corporate event planners as a part of Michael Cerbelli’s 2017 “Hot List”.  I painted them, appropriately, into the “New York New

Events July 18, 2017

Visionary Art with Alex & Allyson Grey

Studying Visionary Art with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey I had the wonderful opportunity to study “Visionary Art” with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey up at Omega Institute (NY).  This has been a goal of mine for about 3 years.  I needed to take a week for myself to really dive inside and see where

Events July 17, 2017

Field Trip to Mark Ryden’s “Whipped Cream”

Mark Ryden & American Ballet Company’s “Whipped Cream” Some of the team and I had the pleasure of seeing Mark Ryden’s mashup with the American Ballet Company’s “Whipped Cream”.  The music for this ballet was written by Strauss and has been largely difficult for people to absorb.  The story is a bit all over the

Events July 16, 2017

Judging the Make Up For Ever Academy Graduation

Judge for Make Up For Ever Academy Graduation I had the honor of being invited back to Make Up For Ever Academy to judge the students work and help determine who should graduate. We had a fantastic night full of color with a gorgeous body art runway show.  The themes were “Burlesque Circus”, “Exuberant Catwalk”

Events July 1, 2017

“Line” at Attleboro Arts Museum

Thanks to everyone that has gone to check out this exhibition so far!  Still have about two weeks left to see this special 1/1 24×36″ print of my body painting “Supreme Court” in person (exhibiting in a black floating frame). LINE – A National Juried Exhibition June 15th – July 15th, 2017 Gallery Hours:  Tuesday