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Press October 11, 2016

Don’t miss my artist talk tomorrow!

Don’t miss my artist talk tomorrow! I am showing the work I’ve done at my residency in Florence at Residenza d’Arte il Palmerino at 6pm and answering questions. For those of you not in Florence, we will be streaming it live on Facebook at noon EST/9am PST. Tune in tomorrow! =) (Behind the scenes image

bodypainting Press August 23, 2016

1st Place: “Best Commercial Bodypaint Image of the Year”

Big thanks to World Bodypainting Festival, Diamond FX & the lovely judges for this award! 💕 Also lots of love to Ford Motor Company, my talented assistants Gina Fernandez David Gilmore Claire Piao & Tamiko Carrillo and my beautiful celeb model Felicia Day. “WBA Image awards: Commercial”…/26-winners-wba-image-awards…

bodypainting Press June 14, 2016

NYC Loft Body Painting for RTL Television (Germany)

RTL Television (Germany) had me camouflage bodypaint their sweet host Sandra into her Upper West Side New York loft.  Talk about some fun and innovative interior design! 😉  I usually focus on more complex architectural shapes and it was nice to explore NYC brick and tile in a more domestic setting.  The experience felt more

Events Press July 10, 2013    

“Artwork Comes to Life” – CNN report video

Hey all check out this awesome CNN report video on last weekends Living Art America (I had a print of “Magnolias” on exhibit).  it says some beautiful things about our art form and is worth sharing with your friends!  I think my favorite part of watching this video, one of my accomplishments of the year is that I have

Bodypainter Trina Merry
Press June 11, 2013

METROACTIVE – Bodypainter Trina Merry

When a rock band asked her to jump onstage in her underwear and get bodypainted, Trina Merry had no idea it would lead to an international career. That was in 2006.