Collaborating with Spencer Tunick

Collaborating with Spencer Tunick
One of my fun new friendships is with artist Spencer Tunick.  I had the pleasure to do a collaboration with him at his recent party. I did a camouflage body painting into one of his fantastic prints!
Spencer is an artist I’ve looked up to for some time  because of his intoxicating images, sheer audacity, and hard work.  He has been arrested over 5 times in NYC while making his art.  His work features anywhere from 1-18,000 nude people.  Because of the sheer scale of his works, they have often been compared to temporary land works and public art.
We are going to do many more fun things together and I’ll be posting the final photo a little later this month but in the meantime, here’s a fun little video teaser of Sarah Pencheff bringing the work to life (yes those are lots and lots of butts on her face):

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