Cover for the new Stooges single “Open Up and Bleed/Gimme Some Skin”

Our Human Skull is the new single sleeve cover art for James Williamson’s project to exhume early Stooges songs and give them new life.  Fans will get a taste of the upcoming album next month when Williamson releases a limited-edition vinyl single,“Open Up And Bleed”/“Gimme Some Skin,” at independent record stores worldwide on Record Store Day, April 19th. Both songs feature the outstanding talents of Texas-based Blues belter Carolyn Wonderland.

Check out this excerpt from an article about the new album:

The cover of the single is very striking. What can you tell me about the artist involved in that?
On the last song of our last show in San Jose at the end of last summer, all of a sudden, onstage comes this whole group of girls – good-looking girls at that – who were just painted. They’re like nude, and you can kind of tell that they’re nude, but you kind of can’t because they’re painted. I was just struck by what a spectacle it was because they looked eerie in a way and they brought so much to the party. We didn’t know they were going to come onstage; the promoter set all that up with the artist, Trina Merry. She does body painting; that’s her deal.
After that, I [contacted] the promoter and wanted to know who that [artist] was. I got in touch with her and started going through all the various different things that she’s done. Check her art gallery out; it’s just amazing.
For the first [single], I didn’t have enough time, so I selected a piece that she had already done. That thing is amazing! I believe it’s derived from a Salvador Dali piece or something similar to that with bodies, but she had her painted people in there, and that’s an amazing photo. I used that, but moving forward you’ll see a bunch of stuff from her. In fact, in the teaser , she painted the face that I have on. I’ve got a bunch of stuff that you’ll see moving forward that she was involved with because she’s just so talented and it’s so much fun to work with her. I’m really happy about that find.

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