Fiat 500 Abarth Recreated With Women 

At first glance this Fiat 500 just looks but a bit wobbly. But this car is more likely than most to get engines revving as it is actually a pile of carefully-painted naked models.

More than a dozen female circus performers, models and contortionists were painstakingly covered from head to toe in bodypaint by New Orleans artist Craig Tracy.

They then arranged themselves into place to form the image of a car, which was photographed by photographer R. J. Muna.

It took 30 to 40 people five days of working in a San Francisco studio to create the perfect image and the design forms part of an advertising campaign to promote a new Fiat 500 range.

Mr Tracy said: ‘Initially the concept for this project blew my mind a bit. I knew how overwhelming the task could be but I felt confident with the right supporting staff and crew that we’d get it done. The process involving this was many days of preparation, pre organising the poses, mapping everything that would eventually come to be real and then working really long days to make them happen. ‘This project was certainly more than the typical ad, it became a work of art.’

The artist uses paint designed for safe use on human skin and has painted around 400 people in his career.

The Fiat 500 image appeared in the Body Issue of ESPN’s magazine. The issue has caused controversy as it features devout Catholic tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska on the front cover.

1st Bodypaint Assistant: Trina Merry
2nd Bodypaint Assistant: Airballin
3rd Bodypaint Assistant: Melissa Hoffman)

Fiat Car Body Paint


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