Field Trip to Mark Ryden’s “Whipped Cream”

Mark Ryden & American Ballet Company’s “Whipped Cream”
Some of the team and I had the pleasure of seeing Mark Ryden’s mashup with the American Ballet Company’s “Whipped Cream”.  The music for this ballet was written by Strauss and has been largely difficult for people to absorb.  The story is a bit all over the place.  A kid takes his first communion and as a reward goes to the candy store where he has his favorite treat- whipped cream.  It makes him very sick and the medicine he gets takes him to a strange world.  His doctor is overcome by his alcoholism and eventually the kid ends up in Candyland.  Has he died and gone to heaven where Misty Copeland is his sugar plum angel?  We’ll never know and as long as Ryden keeps feeding us the strangest dark delights, I don’t think we care. Ryden was able to infuse new meaning into a dusty ballet and make it relevant and engaging, maybe, for the first time.

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