“I got body painted in Central Park “

Central Park- Gapstow Bridge

Central Park- Gapstow Bridge

Catherine commissioned me to paint her in the beautiful fall foliage of New York’s Central Park.  It was a special present for her husband but she really scored the gift of courage. Here’s an interview with her about that unique, bucket-list experience.


Q: Did you know about body painting before your were painted?  What kind of bodypaint had you seen prior to seeing Trina’s work?

Catherine: I had seen Trina’s work because my friend is a model for some of her work in the Bay Area. I thought that it looked awesome and I felt like the works were empowering. The only other body painting I had seen at the time was at burning man 🙂
Q: What did you love about Trina’s work? What was different about her work from other bodypaint you had seen?
Catherine: I think her works empower the subject (individual being painted) and promotes positive body awareness.
Q: What motivated you to reach out and do a custom bodypaint photoshoot with Trina?
Catherine: I have always been self conscious about my body and I wanted to get painted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and allow myself to be vulnerable.
Q; Why did you want to do an outdoor camouflage bodypainting versus say an indoor studio painting?
Catherine: I wanted to be in nature, I find it very grounding.
Q: Did you have any fears or reservations about getting painted?
Catherine: I was very nervous, I was afraid my body would look unattractive. Which is also why I wanted to do the painting, to confront my fears and embrace my body.
Q: How did you feel before the painting?
Catherine: Nervous.
Q: Did you Trina’s team prepared you as much as possible?  What did they do that helped you prepare?
Catherine: I had a nice conversation with Trina on the phone before we met that helped me learn what to expect.
Q: Many people haven’t been painted before but are very curious about the process.  What does it feel like to get painted?
Catherine: It was cold!
Q: What made you feel more comfortable during your painting process?
Catherine: I had two of my good friends there and they made me feel more secure about being naked in Central Park!
Q: How did onlookers respond to your painting session?  Any funny stories?
Catherine: We got some gawkers but nothing out of the ordinary.
Q: How did it feel when the painting session ended?
Catherine: Like I accomplished something and faced my insecurities head on.
Q: What is it like to remove the paint?
Catherine: I had paint all over the hotel bathroom!
Q: What did you think of the final image?
Catherine: It is great, it is a fond memory and it is something I am proud of.
Q: What do you think of your print?  Where did you hang it or who did you give it to?
Catherine: I gave it to my husband and it is in our bedroom.
Q: Would you get body painted again?
Catherine: Absolutely
Q: What is on your dream bodypaint bucket list?
Catherine: I would love to be painted in a redwood grove
Q: Do you think other people should try bodypaint?  Why or why not?
Catherine: Sure, everyone should try something once.
Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
Catherine: Thanks to Trina!
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