“I Survived Cancer and It Still Sucks”


As some of you may know, I have watched my sister struggle with melanoma the last few years.  After removing half the lymph nodes in her body and undergoing a clinical trial, she is thankfully in remission.  I have watched her remarry, have a baby and smile again.

This scare along with a major death in our family has shaken me and made me examine my own mortality.  I’ve really challenged and pushed myself as if each day were my last.  I have been making great work, traveling around the world and been quick to love- because I observe that each day is so precious.

I had the opportunity to express a very small piece of this journey in a beautiful subtle commission for Cosmopolitan Magazine- I got to paint a golden intricate crown on the softly growing hair of journalist Deanna Pai.

Check out the full story on her very real journey of being in remission HERE

Its so easy to lose perspective.  If you knew you only had a few months left to live, what would you do.. or be? =)

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