I <3 NY Adventure During a Flash Flood


Infamous Demi Moore Cover Painted by Joanne Gair


Joanne Gair’s Latest SI Celebrity Swimsuit Sensations

Bodypainted clothing is one of the most common Op Art bodypaint styles, thanks in large part to the commercial popularity of 90’s pioneers like Joanne Gair with her Demi Moore Vanity Fair Cover and Sports Illustrated painted on swimsuits.

brittney spears

David LaChapelle does NYC <3 Summer

I am quite fond of David LaChapelle and one of my models, Jessica Mellow was a big Britney Spears fan.  We thought it would be fun to do a spontaneous homage inspired by it.  We were in the middle of a sweltering heat streak in New York and I thought we should just celebrate summer instead of bemoaning another unmotivated humid day.


Bodypaint Clothing is Plaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyed Out.

Now I will make this confession.  I am not so fond of body painted clothing because I think it can be sort of a cheap gimmicky trick at times and for my own personal work I find it a little too commercial/easy/fashion focused/oversaturated.  But sometimes I like to break my own rules- it keeps me on my toes- especially when I just need a laugh during a pretty miserable heat wave.

flash flood warning


It was just one of those days where literally everything that could go wrong for a on-location bodypaint shoot happened, including a full out flash flood as soon as I finished the painting!  Needless to say, we took those lemons and made some some lemonade, taking our photoshoot underground to the humid, rain soaked, overcrowded subway.  What was hilarious that was really very few people noticed Jessica was fully nude and just in bodypaint!

Waiting for the Subway
Waiting for the Subway
Paint Counts as Clothes, Right?
Paint Counts as Clothes, Right?
Riding the Escalator in Grand Central Station... NBD...
Riding the Escalator in Grand Central Station… NBD…

It was a fun little diversion from the more art focused work I do and I’m glad we shook things up a little bit.  Some people freak out in a flash flood.  Other people drop their clothes, get body painted, and have a hilarious photo shoot. 😉  Happy summer!

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