Kiwitime Band Sponsored by Baynetwork

Kiwi Time Gets Bodypainted for Tour Van Sponsored by Bay Network

What does San Francisco Indie Rock band Kiwi Time and Silicon Valley hi-tech company Baynetwork have in common?

Besides sharing Russian roots, they have formed a unique sponsorship relationship so many artists only dream about.

In the United States, arts organizations largely rely on tax deductible donations from corporations. Unfortunately, much of these funds get absorbed by the arts organizations administrative and general funds with little accountability. Very little of that donation money reaches the artists or the at-risk community. The line in the arts community between the very poor and the very wealthy is perhaps one of the biggest gaps in a vocational profession. With the majority of artists having little promise of breaking the poverty line, they have had to get creative in how they re-imagine their markets and process.

It has been my observation and personal experience that when companies like Bay Network cut through the middle man and go straight to supporting the artist or hiring them for marketing and event campaigns, beautiful opportunities arise for both parties.

This practice has historical precedence of impacting culture- House of Medici, Rockefeller and even, in recent history, David Cho and Facebook come to mind.

Recently Bay Network hired me to bodypaint for Kiwi Time’s new tour van vinyl. This was my second time bodypainting lead singer Anna Makovchik (the first time was for DeeFind’s Lookbook).

“Bodypaint is something that looks gorgeous but one is often afraid to try it for the first time. It is such a strange feeling to wear paint instead of clothes! But as soon as you see the work in process you calm down and relax and start getting excited as you witness your body being transformed. This is a very unique and artistic feeling. Bodypaint is something I would recommend to least once,” says Makovchik.

Kiwi time is a machine of self-promotion that knows how to make things done on time with no or little budget. Their EP “A Part of Me” (Faultline Records 2011) was funded entirely by their loyal fans and supporters around the world through an IndieGoGo campaign. Six music videos were released with no budget involved at all.

With this sort of DIY grassroots marketing strategy, what would Kiwi Time have to gain from a partnership with an IT Tech company?

“It was a very unexpected thing for us to get a sponsorship from a local IT company. They helped us in a lot of different ways. First of all with the equipment and rehearsal space. Then a very big help was recording an EP sponsored by Baynetwork. And of course now Kiwi Time has an awesome tour van with amazing art work on it,” says Makovchik.

Many artists dream of having patrons but are taught to seek out traditional channels through non-profits. By understanding their role as technically small business owners themselves, like Kiwi Time, they could see how they could benefit from a partnership with a larger corporation.

“Musicians are artists and not so many of them are businessmen. But music in this world is a huge business and you should understand how it works, at least a little. In Kiwi Time’s experience we keep learning a lot from our experiences with this company,” says Makovchik

This partnership has a promising future. Kiwi Time has already risen as one of the best Bay Area bands. This imaginative cooperation of art and commerce is certainly one to watch.

“Within minutes of taking the stage, it became quite obvious why Kiwi Time is considered one of the ten best local alternative rock bands in San Francisco by Live105 FM. From the first song on the crowd surged forward to hear the dynamic vocal interplay between guitarist Yoga and keyboardist/Frontwoman Anna Makovchik. They had people swaying up front and set the tone for a great night of music.”… Carl J. Mancuso, Executive Producer, Ladies Rise Up and Rock.

Kiwi Time Gets Bodypainted for Tour Van

About Kiwi Time:

Winners of the ArtRockX band competition and finalists of Hard Rock Rising SF have wasted no time getting acquainted with their surroundings. For 2 years they played more than 50 shows and festivals all over the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York City. So far under their belt legendary Regency Center, Palace of Fine Arts, DNA Lounge, Brick and Mortar Music Hall, Minna Gallery, Supper Club, Elbo Room, Café Cocomo. As a result the band was featured on Live 105′s Top Ten Local Bands in San Francisco.

To learn more about Kiwi Time and Bay Network’s Partnership GO HERE

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