Long Flight Comfort Kit


Notice how I didn’t write “Survival Kit”?  This kit is geared to make you feel as comfy and happy as possible on your long flight.  Survival can be left to those leaflets located in the seat in front of you…

First of all, if you have some time to plan, obviously, trying to get a frequently flier program with access to a lounge, upgrades, applying for the global entry program and TSA pre-check all help your travel experience run smoother. I save hours and have a much higher happiness factor because of my participation in these programs.

Now, what do you bring on the plane?

If its an out of country flight, the airline will probably provide you with a pillow, blanket, sleep mask, and headphones (you can usually check online or call to find out). Whatever they don’t provide, make sure you bring.  Cross-country flights which are almost as long as overseas flights, do not provide these things, so get them.

I also bring:

-1 pair of noise canceling headphones

-Movies, Books and Music downloaded onto your laptop and smart phone

-Pillows- I take 1-2 for my head and one for the armrest (or use a jacket). I also bought this awesome blow up one that goes under my feet and its really helped my legs after flights. You can just get these at the airport. I use the small pillow the airline gives you for my back or to sit on depending on the structure of the seat.

-I take a larger warmer scarf that I use in addition to the thin blankets the airline gives you

-Trashy Magazines or a comic book- something you can throw away at the end of the flight

-1-2 projects to work on if your mind won’t sleep. I usually do writing projects. It helps me justify “wasting” time on a plane

-A journal or something to take notes (could be your phone or laptop). I get some of my best ideas while flying.

-Allergy & pain pills- its dry and cramped on the plane. I also bring activated charcoal if my stomach starts to feel bubbly

-Power chords- many planes allow you to charge your gear while flying

Ok those are the basics.  My Travel 2.0 Kit includes:

I take hand sanitizer (the spray kind if I can find it) and wet wipes that are alcohol based. Wipe down your tray, arm rest and if you’re by the window, that area. It feels a little OCD but its worth it- you won’t get sick from the germs and insecticide they spray (doesn’t remove everything obviously, but it is a health aide).

I keep a small “almost landing kit” that has baby wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, a small body spray, and any small makeup (like powder and lipstick) that helps you wake up & makes you look better for going through customs.

When you pass security, get a large bottle of water or bring a water bottle and fill it up.  Also buy or bring enough snacks to survive on if the plane food totally sucks or if the plane gets “stuck” on the runway due to bad weather or mechanical issues. I usually bring some sort of fruit & nut bars (like Larabars) and buy a few things of fruit. The dryness on the plane makes watermelon taste like heaven.

Don’t drink alcohol.  Even though its tempting to celebrate your Bon Voyage, about 4 hours into the flight you will begin swelling up and regret that decision.  Do drink water about every 2 hours that you’re awake. Do leg and arm stretches in your seat and/or stand up and walk around every few hours. It reduces swelling and muscle cramps and helps with jet lag.When you land drink a LOT of water for the following 24 hours and you’ll be ok.

I hope that helps you feel more prepared for your trip.  Bon Voyage!

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