Meet the Incredible Cast & Crew of the HUMAN MOTORCYCLES! 

I think it’s super important to introduce you to our amazing cast & crew that helped make our bodypainted Human Motorcycles possible because I think they are super cool & you should know them! I work with these folks often & not only consider them to be great collaborators, but also great friends. They make the impossible possible.


Juan Moreno:

Photo Assistants:

Angelo Taylor:

Holland Norkoski:

Hair & MUA:

Sandra Moreno:


Cinepixtor Media:

Human Canvases:

Gwendolyn Withrow (Model & former ballerina)

Kerstin Tuning (Fashion & Lifestyle Model)

Lana Baumgartner (Yoga Instructor & booty shaker)

Jackie Bartlett (Hip Hop & Modern Dancer & Aerialist)

Morgaine Rosenthal (Aerialist)


I.D.E.A. (Innovative Advertising Firm who pitched this concept & my team to IMS):

These cool bikes were a commission for the International Motorcycle Roadshow touring the US November 2012-February 2013. To see dates & cities on the tour or to purchase tickets please visit We’ll see you at the show! =)

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