Bodypainter Trina Merry

METROACTIVE – Bodypainter Trina Merry

Painter Trina Merry creates mobile masterpieces on the bodies of her willing subjects.

Bodypainter Trina Merry

June 11, 2013 – by Gary Singh

When a rock band asked her to jump onstage in her underwear and get bodypainted, Trina Merry had no idea it would lead to an international career. That was 2006, only seven years ago. A few years later, she arrived at the SubZERO Festival in downtown San Jose, and her career as a bodypainter was off and running.

A textbook example of someone who started locally and now exhibits internationally, Merry paints on human canvases for commercial clients and advertising campaigns. She builds gallery installations and motorcycles out of painted people. What a life.

She says anywhere between three to 15 people a day call her up and ask to be models. Whenever she travels, she puts out casting calls, and people come running, dying to get painted. Sometimes she doesn’t even have to pay the models.

“Often people pay me to paint them—a lot of money,” she told me. “I get paid to paint naked people for a living.” CONTINUE READING

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