Have you ever wanted to be bodypainted? Perhaps you want to cross something off your bucketlist or become one of the shining spotlight models you’ve seen at one of our events.

I offer two different types of opportunities for potential models: commissions and volunteer models.

Hiring me for a commission:

The benefit of hiring me for a commission are:
1) You have control over the timing: you are assured I will paint you for your event or for a photo shoot that works with your schedule & there is no waiting period
2) You can have input in the design process if you have a burning desire or amazing concept.
3) You can have a choice on whether or not the public sees the image (additional rights purchase)
4) You have access to purchase additional prints directly from my vendor at the same rates I pay.
5) You get access to an expert team to make you look your best. When I bodypaint I am not always catering to make that person look attractive- I am looking to make the best conceptual work of art. This assures that we will pull out the best of what you have to offer, if you want that.

Volunteer Models:

The benefit of this sort of modelling is that you dont have to pay me any money.  The downside is that you have to be subject to my timing and have no say whatsoever in the design.  In fact, to be blunt, there’s about a 20% chance or less that you will be actually scheduled to be a volunteer model.  I absolutely love meeting new people so I don’t want to deter you, I just want to be realistic with your expectations.
Additionally, you have zero say in what you look like- I may not make you look pretty or handsome.  I may make you absolutely ugly, old, hide your head, make you the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle, etc.  I am looking to make a great work of art and your vanity needs to be left at the door for the cause of art.
There’s a good reason for that.  I get 3-15 requests every day to be my volunteer models.  This means I get to be highly choosey.  If you dont think you will make the cut but really want to be painted, I suggest setting up a saving account and initiating a conversation with me to do a commission painting in the next 3-12 months.  Its affordable to anyone who really wants it.
Because I do this everyday one of the things I am highly choosey about is ATTITUDE.  This is essential because we are going to be spending many hours together and sometimes travelling together.  I need positive, laid back, patient attitudes.   

Casting Call for 2014

I am Trina Merry, an internationally known fine art and commercial bodypaint artist.  My work is regularly featured or on the covers of magazines, on television, in blogs, etc.  I do ad and branding campaigns for forward thinking companies, private and commercial events, and create “living installations” at museums and galleries. I travel approximately 25% of the year to take this cool art form around the world.

I accomplish these awesome things by working with my incredible human canvases.  They are kind, encouraging, devoted, loyal, dependable, fun and most importantly, ready to go on an adventure and seek out new creative territory with this art medium. smile. We are a creative family.

I am holding an open casting call to paint new human canvases in 2014. I am specifically looking for:

Men: agency standard or fitness models (muscular and athletic) 5’10″ or taller
Women: agency standard (5’7 or taller, slim and fit- size 0-6)

If you don’t fit into those two categories, don’t worry. smile I am most eagerly looking for people of all shapes and sizes with the following experience:
Weight lifting
Circus performers
Fetish (able to endure poses for long periods of time)
Bodypaint modeling

People of all ethnicities are welcome to apply. smile if you know someone who would be interested, please send them my way for this casting call. smile. No previous modeling experience is necessary if they have the above experience and an open attitude.

About the casting call:
I have 1 hr “viewing” appointments with each candidate.  Info can be found on “what is a viewing?”.

These are being held this Sunday January 12th (still have a few slots left) and the 23rd (2 slots left).  Address and map may be found on my contact page. I hold the casting calls this way to create the most effective use of my time.  I will be focusing on just you during these appointments and they are held at my studio.

Please contact me letting me know the date and time you’d like to book (ill do my best to find you the closest time slot) and your experience.

This is a fun opportunity to use your modeling to literally become a living, breathing work of art.  If you’ve been wanting tear-sheets, looking to try something new with modeling, like traveling, and appreciate art, this is for you smile

Thanks, I look forward to meeting you!  

What is a Viewing?


A viewing begins the design process for me. I photograph the body nude in approx. 10-50 pre-selected poses. I do this with my point & shoot camera or iPad nothing fancy.

This process helps me understand your body’s unique shape, strength, flexibility and abilities. I want to create the strongest image possible using the natural strength and beauty of my human canvases actual form.

I then whiddle that down to my favorite 3-5 images, process them into black and white and send them to you. =) We then discuss those poses, their comfort-ability level and how long you feel you can hold them for during the painting process.

From that conversation and information, I begin my designs and may potentially meet with you once more before the painting if I need any measurements in that pose.

My clients and team find this process enjoyable & tremendously helpful to understanding their bodies better & the pictures are fun to have.


It should go without saying, but it would be illegal for me to post nude photos of you anywhere, without a written model release. So feel relaxed knowing these images are held in strict confidentiality.


Just wear comfortable clothes and come as you are. No special shaving/waxing tanning, worries about bra straps or body prep is necessary at this stage. Some people find themselves more comfortable coming in or bringing a robe but this is your choice.

We usually talk for a few minutes about your painting and ideas and go over some potential poses for about 15-30 minutes, we do the viewing and go through poses for up to an hour. We then discuss the process, some favorite poses, and any last details about the painting for 15-30 minutes.

Allowing two hours for your viewing is definitely enough time for this process and we can accommodate busy schedules that just have one hour if necessary by doing the viewing and meeting separately for coffee a different day to discuss ideas and go through your images in person. Please let me know which option works best for your day.

If you have additional questions, feel free to call or message me. =)


Guide to Modelling for Bodypaint

So you’ve been cast to work with Art Alive Gallery- yaaay!!! but you are wondering… how should I prepare? What should I expect? What should I bring?
Now, this will vary from artist to artist, but here are some general guidelines to go by:

Arrive well hydrated and well fed. If you starve yourself you won’t have enough energy to get through what will likely be a very long day; and if you are dehydrated you are likely to pass out or lose vital energy before you even hit the stage or shoot. Eat and snack throughout the whole day. Dooooo it!!! It’s the day for strength- you’ll be burning plenty of calories!

Avoid lotions, oils or any tanning products for a day or two before your shoot. These put a barrier on your skin that can really interfere with getting nice coverage.

No deodorant or anti-perspirant the day of the shoot. Bring some with you if you are concerned, but again this could create a coverage problem. Many pro painters have clear products that will work for you AND take makeup coverage.

Basically arrive with clean skin and hair. No makeup but bring your mascara please ladies.

Yes, you need to shave or wax everything. We need an even surface that is undistracting to the image.

Bring a nice LIGHT robe that fits loosely, for if you need to leave the painting area before your design is done.

An old and comfy pair of flip-flops will save your legs and feet if you need to stand while you are painted. Don’t bring anything that might be ruined if you get paint on them. Trust me on this one, you will thank me!

Bring hair rubber bands or other method to get your hair up and out of the way during the painting process.

IF this is an event: Bringing your own flesh colored microfiber thong for women + breast petals (cheap at target- a 3 pack is $7 if you wanna share) and a white or tan speedo or thong for men (we like the white micro modal trunk by Calvin Klein) for our event. No cotton. You can get these at Target or Amazon. Please bring your expected attire to the Model Meeting.

Realize that good bodypainting is a very time consuming and tiring process. If you are posing in a large space or outside, you will likely get cold. The good thing is, you will be basking in the glow of all the attention!

During the painting process there are a few things to remember:

Standing Around

Most of the time you will be standing, and more than one painter will be working on different parts of you. Try to be aware of what we are doing as we will need you to turn and twist to access various parts of your anatomy. It always goes smoother when our model anticipates and accommodates our direction. Stillness is necessary a certain amount of the time when painting important detail work, but much of the time conversation, and minor movement, is fine. One word of caution: don’t lock your knees while standing! I know you’ve heard this since you were a child, but almost every model forgets and does it anyway. It might help you remember to know that we have had several people faint, vomit, and one fall over, face-first onto concrete for doing nothing more dramatic than locking their knees while standing. Don’t let this scare you, though, only one person in a hundred has problems and these are totally preventable with a little common sense.

Taking Care of Yourself

It is important to take breaks as often as you feel is necessary. How often is different for each model. Don’t be shy about telling us you need to get up and walk around, stretch or whatever— it is easy for us to get very absorbed into the painting process and forget everything else. Bring a bathrobe to wear during these times. Have a light meal before the session. This will be an essential start for what will be a long, long day. Choose good, healthy food— don’t eat anything that you think will make you feel bloated or otherwise upset your tummy. It might be a good idea to pass on that plate of beans and cabbage curry, too! Remember to bring snacks and something to drink. Nibbling a little all throughout the day is better than a big heavy meal, and it will keep you energized and fresh as the day progresses.

Temperature Control

Sometimes its hot, sometimes its cold. Sometimes we, as painters, will be sweating, but our model, standing still for hours, is chilled. If you’re too hot we can always put a fan on you and that should do the trick. Being cold is far more common, even in the warmer months of the year. As a model you will be nude and stationary for most of the day, and your internal body temperature will naturally get lower. Also, the jet of air from an airbrush will feel startlingly cool on the skin. We will try to make you as comfortable as possible with space heaters, etc. but there are a few things you can do as well. Warm socks and mittens work well, even though the rest of your skin is bare. Hot tea or coffee is a good idea, and a blanket or fuzzy bathrobe you can use during breaks to warm up is a great idea. Keep in mind that it might be hot at noon when we start, but it will be considerably cooler near midnight when you leave. Plan accordingly.
So, finally you are finished and ready to go, there are a couple last things to make your experience better.
Bring some loose fitting old clothes to put on for your trip home. If no shower is provided you will want to protect your car seat with an old towel.

Body Prep for Liquid Latex