No Camouflage Is Better Than Nude Body Paint Camouflage

Republished From Huffington Post- 08/15/13

Next time you’re exploring the urban jungle of San Francisco, take a moment to closely examine the city’s street art and graffiti murals. There may just be a naked person hiding in there.

Trina Merry turns nude human beings into living canvases with her incredibly detailed painted disguises — think that Gotye video,but a million times more intense. Merry, not too surprisingly, hails from San Francisco, where social nudity has long been a cherished tradition.

[blockquote style=”typo_style2″]”My work started when I was essentially asked to get on stage at a rock concert in my underwear and get body painted,” Merry told The Daily Mail. “And I have been working on them ever since.”[/blockquote]

Each body painting takes between four and eight hours to complete, and only lasts as long as the model can stay in position. With popping color and impressive precision, Merry completely folds her models into their surroundings, until passersby fail to notice them at all.

“Bodypaint creates a special connection to a person that other visual art forms have trouble accomplishing,” Merry told Photigy. “It’s a distinctly human experience.”

Check out Merry’s work below and, for more of her body art masterwork, check out a previous project where Merry Turned human bodies into 3D motorcycles. Warning: There is some nudity in there.

(Murals by various Bay Area artists- blue and brown ones by Bode)

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