Performing at MGM Grand

Michael Cerbellis 2017 Hot List
Performing at MGM Grand
I flew Dove Meir (LA), Kerstin Tuning (SF) and I over to Las Vegas to do a live camouflage bodypainting from the MGM Grand.  We performed in front of 2000 corporate event planners as a part of Michael Cerbelli’s 2017 “Hot List”.  I painted them, appropriately, into the “New York New York” hotel strip.


“More than just a pretty face, Michael is known as the authority on entertainment. With 38 years of knowledge and expertise. You are guaranteed to be entertained while getting a first look at today’s hottest trends. Michael travels from continent to continent opening his ‘little black book’ of contacts to share his ideas with the world. Michael continues to advance his career by producing impressive events, setting industry standards and trends, supporting the community, and maintaining a persona that is magnetic. Some even say he has a certain glow about him that is undeniable. Be charmed by his charisma, energy and passion for the industry and join him in celebrating 16 years of what Michael calls: ‘Sharing the Wealth!'”

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