Happy Little Trees

On Exhibition at “Traverse” June 2nd 6-10pm at Chinatown Soup, 16 Orchard Street NY, NY

Following the inauguration and all the chaotic social media chatter, I turned to the most peaceful man I could imagine- my latch key babysitter, Bob Ross! In a true New York winter experience, I binge watched all 52 of the “Joy of Painting” episodes available on Netflix, performing several of the works live on Facebook and Instagram. What I discovered was one way to travel through some of the division as a country is by creating a visual dialogue. So many of the disagreements between the red and blue states are because the issues are on the front door steps of the blue states. So I thought, what if I took these contemporary areas of debate- the things I was seeing on the street of New York City and in the newspapers- directly to the little cabin in the woods? This is a series as soft spoken as Bob Ross himself and one way I’ve approached the election with humor and gentleness.
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