Sweet Land of Liberty

Freedom is something universally sought. Most of us don’t feel we have enough. Consumerism is largely based on the endless cycle of trying to find more time and convenience has become an industry unto itself aimed at streamlining the details of daily life so that we may indulge ourselves in more hours of independence. We wage wars for independence and hold it up as our number one ideal. Independence is a key indicator of adulthood and it was the founding principle of the United States.
For artists, independence can mean the difference between productivity and stagnation. Art requires time and money to produce as well as freedom of mind to create and visualize. Achieving independence, particularly in today’s capital driven society, can feel like an impossibility. We are living in an age of monetization where time is money and freedom is rare.

While it may feel like your options are limited when it comes to achieving personal and professional freedom, and the news paints a very dark picture of our independence, if I take a step back, there are many things to celebrate.

We’ve worked on more women’s empowerment bodypaint campaigns here in New York than any year before.  Body positivity is trending in the fashion and editorial industries.  First amendment rights are being fought for and we are boldly making more outdoor bodypaintings than ever before- including in front of national monuments.  Artists are winning censorship legal battles with social media companies and are able to share more of their body of work with the world. There’s a lot to celebrate.

What could be more patriotic than exercising your right (no matter where you live) to step outside the considered norm and forge a path all your own?  How can we make some art together that expresses our freedom and independence?

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