What’s it like to get bodypainted at Lake Tahoe? Find out in this special client interview.

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Kerri Schroder commissioned me to paint her in beautiful Lake Tahoe as a special present for her husband.  Here’s an interview with her about that unique, bucket-list experience.

Q: Did you know about body painting before your were painted? What kind of bodypaint had you seen prior to seeing Trina’s work?

Kerri: Yes. I was body painted at burning man a few times and I had been watching Skin Wars.

Q: What did you love about Trina’s work? What was different about her work from other bodypaint you had seen?

Kerri: I loved how beautifully she could camouflage the models into the natural backgrounds. Her work looked very organic and natural.

Q: What motivated you to reach out and do a custom bodypaint photoshoot with Trina?

Kerri: I looked for quite a while for the style of body paint I was looking for. I loved Trina’s work and also really wanted a women to paint me.

Q: Why did you want to do an outdoor camouflage bodypainting versus say an indoor studio painting?

Kerri: I was doing the painting for my husband as a surprise birthday gift. He loves Lake Tahoe and I thought it would be the perfect spot to do it.

Q: Did you have any fears or reservations about getting painted?

Kerri: Yes of course! It’s a little intimidating standing naked in public and getting painted. I was so nervous!

Q: How did you feel before the painting?

Kerri: Apprehensive, nervous and hungry!!

Q: Did you Trina’s team prepared you as much as possible? What did they do that helped you prepare?

Kerri: Yes they were very helpful…. I drove Trina crazy with all of my questions and concerns. She was very patient and answered all of my questions. She definitely made me feel comfortable.

(Note from Trina: She didn’t drive me crazy. 😉  I always am happy to answer questions!)

Q: Many people haven’t been painted before but are very curious about the process. What does it feel like to get painted?

Kerri: When I was painted it was up in the mountains at Lake Tahoe in October… Needless to say it was really cold. Trina is incredibly fast. She gives you breaks when you need. The process is really very comfortable.

Q: What made you feel more comfortable during your painting process?

Kerri: Trina!!! She is an amazing kind beautiful soul!

Q: How did onlookers respond to your painting session? Any funny stories?

Kerri: We were up in a private spot in Tahoe but there was a couple of people there watching. My back was to them so I didn’t really worry about them. Just pretended they weren’t there! I was a little worried because they had cell phone and I just new naked butt was going to end up on the Internet!! Guess no running for office for me!

Q: How did it feel when the painting session ended?

Kerri: Very empowering!! I was so proud of myself that I actually did it!!

Q: What is it like to remove the paint?

Kerri: I had to drive down to Reno to my friends house to remove the paint. I got a lot of weird stares when I was driving there from people. I went to her house to remove the paint because it was a surprise for my husbands birthday.

Q: What did you think of the final image?

Kerri: Loved it!

Q: What do you think of your print? Where did you hang it or who did you give it to?

Kerri: Print is beautiful. It hangs in my bedroom. It’s my husbands birthday gift

Q: Would you get body painted again?

Kerri: Of course!! I really want to have Trina do another!!!

Q: What is on your dream bodypaint bucket list?

Kerri: I travel quite frequently and would love to have Trina paint be in some exotic location!

Q: Do you think other people should try bodypaint? Why or why not?

Kerri: Yes! It’s an amazing empowering experience!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Kerri: Thank you so much Trina! You made this experience amazing! You made me feel comfortable and empowered! I love your energy and you light! Your soul shines through in every painting you do! I feel honored to have been painted by you and to have met you! I hope to be painted again soon!!!!

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