World Bodypainting festival 2013 Mark reid

World Bodypainting Festival 2013

[blockquote style=”typo_style2″]2013 Theme was “planet Food” & we focused on the circle of life- sea animals eating sea animals.
Painting by Mark Reid & I assisted
Model was one of the best I’ve worked with: La Muse
We got 7th in the world for sponge & brush. Yay![/blockquote]

From Huffington Post-

Since 1998, bodypaint enthusiasts, artists and models have flocked to the Austrian city of Poertschach for the world’s largest bodypainting showcase and competition.

Held this year from July 1 through July 7, this edition attracted thousands of visitors and artists from more than 40 countries, according to the competition’s website. Contests were held during the day as well as at night in order to judge the special UV paint category. The festival also featured dozens of workshops and lectures on the art of bodypainting.


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