Yelp fairies in body paint

Yelp’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Benefit for Montalvo Arts Center

Our frisky fairies frolicked at Midsummer Night’s Dream, a benefit event for Montalvo Arts Center, produced by YELP. The benefit raised $10k for the Center.

Bodypaint: Trina Merry
Assistants: Melissa Hoffman and Gina Mello
Photography: Waitman Gobble
Models: Mary and Samantha

From YELP-

Sweet dreams are made of Yelp parties and a Midsummer Night’s Yelp was no exception. 1200+ South Bay Yelpers and over 50 local businesses had one heck of a night to raise $10,000 for charity and celebrate summer solstice at Montalvo Arts Center on June 26th. Take heed, sirrah, then read all about a Yelper party that’s sure to to be remembered through the ages!

About Montalvo Arts Center:

Since its conception, the Mediterranean-style house on the hill, as well as its general surroundings, has been known as Villa Montalvo. Now, the historic Villa and the 175-acre property it resides on are known as Montalvo Arts Center. The name reflects the growth, new direction and other general changes the organization has made in the past few years, including the addition of the Sally and Don Lucas Residency Program in October 2004. Montalvo is the one of the most distinguished arts organizations serving Silicon Valley and the extended San Francisco Bay Area as a center for creativity.

Review Highlights:

Whilst we are no match for the bard, pretty sure this soirĂ©e would please even Oberon and Titania. Over 200 reviews written about the event by locals are on Yelp, read some of our favorites…

“The event itself was amazing. I’ve seen pictures of Montalvo before and I knew it would be magical–but OMG it was crazy to see it in person. The grounds were beautiful, I felt like running around with my arms spread out (you know, like you’re flying? :P)” – Leanne P

“My favorite moment was hula hooping on the lawn surrounded by bubbles, and those cute girls body painted like elves. Next party, can we all have body paint and wings?” – Laura F


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